UI Designer for Company Website


Job Description

We are increasing our hiring budget significantly! If you have already applied for this position in one of our older job postings, we will still consider you -- you do not have to reapply.

Job Description

We are planning to launch our new website and are looking for someone to make it look sleek, contemporary, and with personality. The roles and responsibilities will include:

1. Designing the look and feel of the website: colour palette, typography, transitions, templates, etc. We already have commissioned print designs, and ideally, the website should have the same visual language.
2. Creating wire frames for various screen sizes
3. Creating and/or sourcing visual assets such as background images and icons
4. Collaborating with other members of the team as necessary, possibly with another UI/UX designer

We just need the graphic assets (PSD, CSS, etc). No coding is required for this position. If you have the programming chops, you might want to refer to our other job posting as well.

Contractor requirements

We iterate fast and frequently. As a designer, you should not be too attached to a particular design — be prepared to make changes and offer several alternatives, especially at the beginning of the project. We will also be using voice chat and web conferencing a lot, so good communication skills are key to capture the nuances involved in creative design.

Core requirements

1. More than 2 years of web/graphic/UI design experience OR a portfolio that we like
2. Software to create mockups, such as Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator or HTML+CSS
3. Excellent command of English
4. Should be easily contactable by email or Skype

Desired requirements

1. HTML and CSS
2. Prior experience designing for Squarespace 6 or other CMS such as Drupal or WordPress
3. Knowledge of marketing and branding
4. Knowledge of responsive design

How to apply

Send us links or attachments to samples of your work! Please indicate the top 2 or 3 designs you are most proud of. Preference will be given to those who actually follow these instructions.

About the company

We are a startup that crafts audio environments and deals with acoustics products. Our mission is to create tailored listening experiences, one acoustic space at a time.

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