UI/UX Designer for Wireframes - Social Networking Site

UI/UX Designer for Wireframes - Social Networking Site


Job Description

We are looking for a talented designer that specializes in UI/UX design to finish up a series of wireframes for a web application project.

Project scope:

The project is a social media website that combines an e-commerce platform (users will be able to purchase products), task management, and social networking.

With that, we are looking for UI/UX designers who have had experience with spec'ing out social networking sites; as in, one user input can result in multiple outcomes (multiple data points being updated etc.)

Timing and management:
80% of the wireframes have been finished, we just need the remaining 20-30 to be completed. Work will be about 10+ hours of work a week with strategic direction.

All work and correspondence will be done online.

*PLEASE NOTE: We will not be putting much weight on graphical design, but will be placing more emphasis on your experience with wireframing and website prototyping.*


Familiarty with programs like: Axure, Balsamiq, Justinmind
Skills: UI/UX, prototyping, wireframes

Skills: design, management, prototyping