UK Property Finding

UK Property Finding


Job Description

We are looking for a researcher who has good property knowledge, fast internet connection and research experience. The job is to document and provide a relevant list of properties for sale against a specific criteria in the United Kingdom market.

The tasks will include:
1) Searching:
- Review daily alerts from UK realestate websites returning relevant properties.
Such as: Findaproperty,,,,, (not:
- Review other realestate websites
- Search for general 2 bedroom properties in specific locations
- Identify properties for sale in specific locations (locations will be provided)
- Identify auctions coming up and identify suitable properties
Such as: Savilles,
- Keep a record of properties already seen and rejected or booked

2) Analyse
Apply the following search criteria when looking at the above websites
- Location: London
- Bedrooms: Minimum 2
- Price: Maximum £130000.00
- Price: Minimum £90000.00
- Property: Freehold or House or Semi Detached or Detached (depending on search criteria)

When checking results ensure the following:
- Transport: Under 0.4miles to Tube/ Train station (Based on Google maps)
- No: Homes being built (property has to exist now)
- No: land
- No: Minimum Share Percentage (example 60% ownership)
- No: Shared ownership
- No: Business (only houses)
- No: Leasehold/ leases

3) List
Build a list of properties that satisfy the above criteria in a Excel table with the following details:
- Title
- Price
- Number of Bedrooms
- Web address

Any properties that fit the above criteria but failed or unsure please input into second list, with the following details.
- Title
- Price
- Number of Bedrooms
- Reason why rejected/ unsure (Example= Transport)
- Web address

No need to record any other properties if they have not been returned with the above searches.

4) Review list
Send through Excel List for review.
Feedback will be provided to refine the lists. This will include opening the links to the relevant properties realestate websites and if available confirming open plan living rooms, separate reception/ dinning rooms.

Frequency - daily will prioritize based on automatic property findings and location specific searches required.

Skills: real-estate