UK/US Virtual Assistant Needed

UK/US Virtual Assistant Needed


Job Description

Would like to have a VA as I need a lot of tasks doing and put a few questions together that need answering.

My online business is growing and I am in need of a VA or virtual assistant. The rates will start around $3-5 per hour and as my business grows and I trust the person Im working with, it will increase to $6-8 and around $10-15 per hour for the person in the long run.

There are a few requirements that I need for my VA, please only apply if you have all of the below and give proof for this as it is a long term position and I am expecting loads of applicants.

1.) English is great - This is essential for communication
2.) You can write English articles - Not a lot of writing needed but must be able too.
3.) website knowledge - Edits need to be made to websites and you need to do this quickly and effectively.
4.) Basic knowledge of SEO.
5.) Be able to perform link building techniques I tell the person.
6.) Proficient with wordpress.
7.) Please include VA at the start of your application so I know you have read the information.
8.) Some admin tasks but not too many most client contact will be done by myself.
9.) Skype is 100% needed for communication and preferably whatsapp as well but that is not essential.

Also as I mentioned the prices and rates will increase as I get tasks done, the business grows and the more I trust the individual, this means that it will only start off at around 5-10 hours a week but may move up to a FULL TIME job and income in the long run, so please put thought into your application.

1.) Do you have skype and what is your skype name.

2.) Can you accept payments via paypal (yes or no)

3.) Have you created or edited any wordpress sites and can you give examples

4.) You will be paid weekly for the hours you have done in the PAST week is that okay? (Yes or no)

5.) Hours will not be constant and some weeks you may only get 1 or 2 hours, other weeks you may get 15 or 20 hours, is this okay? (Yes or No)

6.) The rates are not decided yet but it will probably start between $3-6 per hour but as the business grows and I trust the person I am working with and they are more efficient (so they can do the same tasks just faster) I will increase the hourly rate to probably $8-10. Are you okay with those starting rates?

The next set of questions is those that I will need you to do if you are successful.

7.) Can you write a 500 word English article with good onpage SEO aspects?

8.) How long on average will the above take with research included?

9.) Do you understand the importance of guest posting and blog commenting as you will need to do a lot of this if you are successful.

10.) Are you very good with website designs and edits in wordpress, all my websites are in wordpress so if you are not good with wordpress, then say so here. If you are give me some examples of wordpress sites you have worked on that may be advantageous to your application.

11.) Are you / Can you be a “website finisher” for example I have a number of sites on wordpress where the content is completed, the onpage SEO is good but I haven’t got a good theme and the website looks “messy” or “untidy” in a way, so what I want is someone who I can say to: sort this website out, which means: install and integrate a theme and then tidy up the site a little bit. This will be something you will do a lot as I have a lot of websites with good content but are not really user friendly.

12.) Where are you from and what is the time difference compared to the UK?

13.) Be honest throughout these questions as I want someone I can trust, so I give them a few tasks and a few days later I will know they are done and I do not have to go check that they are. Also do not call me “sir” or “hiring manager” or anything like that. This is why the final question is: Tell me something you do other than working, cannot be odesk/online/business related?

Okay thanks for reading, I know that is a lot of questions but if you have any questions just message me. Otherwise reply to these questions in 1 message and I will get back to you in the next few days.