URGENT HIRING: Web Content Specialists


Job Description

Do you enjoy learning about new areas in music, books, people and film? If so, we'd like you to help us analyze articles from online encyclopedias and databases to determine how the entries are related to each other. This is a simple yet a very challenging job that would require high attention to detail and analytical skills.

We are looking for SMART and RELIABLE providers who are in search for a STABLE and LONG TERM JOB with opportunities for advancement as you are able to perform higher level job functions. While working with us, you'll be using various online tools that we have created to research information across the web as needed.

Start your ODESK career now and get the privilege to work on your preferred schedule once hired! Rate starts at $1.50 per hour excluding oDesk fees.


- Assessing the relationship of topics on the web
- Assisting in the development of best practice workflows
- Collaborating with your peers to improve team performance

Qualifications needed:

1. Your account should be oDesk ready and have passed the US Basic English Skills Test.

2. Great attention to detail - IMPORTANT!

3. Strong interpersonal, time management and problem solving skills.

4. Internet and computer savvy.

5. Availability of 40 billable hours per week.

6. High-speed internet connection.

7. A working webcam.

Please answer the following questions on your cover letter:

1. How many hours are you available weekly?

2. What are your other regular weekly commitments for work and/or school and how much time do those commitments take?

3. How long do you see yourself in this kind of assignment? Less than
3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, or more than 12 months?

4. What skills do you have that would make you great for this position?

5. Describe what you do to control mistakes in your work.

6. Other Languages spoken (speaking, reading and writing proficiency)

The selection and screening process requires potential candidates to undergo a series of online evaluations to gauge their fitness for the position. Upon successful completion of the evaluation exercises and interview an offer will be made.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Please make sure you answer the questions above, so your application won't be marked as spam.

Thank you!

Skills: research, english, keyword-research