URGENTLY Want a Small Project in few hours

URGENTLY Want a Small Project in few hours


Job Description

Hi All,

Want an expert who can write a small proposal ( few pages only) for a visual basic project and can prepare a powerpoint presentation on the basis of same in few hours time. Please get the details at

Apply asap to get it done soon.

The written document which describes the ESSENTIAL characteristics of WHAT YOU ARE PROPOSING TO DO or deliver is called the ‘project proposal’. The ‘proposal’ must satisfy several disparate readers. As we are concerned with an application program of some sort, we are dealing with some ‘technical’ information, which may be of interest to the ‘technical evaluators’ of our proposal. However, the ‘technical evaluators’ are usually NOT the people who are signing-off on the proposal. We MUST satisfy the needs of this non-technical or usually known as the ‘financial evaluator’ of our proposal.

So please check the details and get back asap.

Thanks for reading.

Skills: visual-basic.net, visual-basic, .net, academic-writing