UX, web designers: long-term relationship, multiple projects


Job Description

Our company is passionate about building excellent user experiences with excellent code. We often spend hours wireframing and debating the nitty-gritty details of various UI options to figure out what is going to be the best solution for our users -- we don't stop until we're satisfied that we have a good solution, not just a so-so one. Our users give our product rave reviews, and we want to expand our team with great UX designers and web designers who will share our values and extend our product's great reputation.

We're looking for designers that we can build long-term relationships with and award many projects over time. We'll begin with a brief trial project to identify designers who are a good fit for our team, and then award larger projects.

We're looking for folks who:
- Can really get inside the minds of our users and can take a basic concept and run with it, creating a UX that looks great and that will be intuitive for our users
- Have experience building responsive design layouts and can, of course, produce quality HTML and CSS
- Ideally have experience building WordPress themes

If you'd like to apply, please send us:
- 3 UX samples in the form of screenshots or (preferably) live websites, each with a brief explanation: Why was this experience designed this way? What were the considerations involved? What was the reasoning?
- 1 code sample (HTML and CSS) that you feel best demonstrates your skills (e.g. a page layout, a WordPress theme, etc.)

We will review the samples submitted and select some candidates for further follow up. Individuals and teams are both welcome to apply.