Unity 3D Expert needed for consultation

Unity 3D Expert needed for consultation


Job Description

We need a Unity 3D EXPERT for a 15 min consultation online.

We have an enquiry about whether we can setup a 3D character in Unity 3D and control it in real time using a keyboard and/or a joystick. Characters need to:

1. Respond to real time speech, mimicking what's being said. For instance, we speak using a microphone and the character mimics the words, so it looks like he/she is the one actually saying it.
2. Have simple movements, so it looks alive and natural - ie. eye blink

And if possible, also:

• Ability to have simple animations, ie. clapping, cheering, waving
• Ability to have more complex animations, ie. opening a box or door, doing a little dance, enter the stage etc.

For the time being, answering our questions.
Upon client's approval, you might be given the first character to setup and deliver according to a given brief.

- Commitment, so we know we can call YOU, if and when needed.
- Proven, trackable experience
- Show us that you CAN do it, within budget and in a timely manner.

- Your costs for a 15 min chat over Skype. We need your opinion and expertise to point us to the right direction.
- To get to know you and how you work
- A sample working character properly setup for assessment will be a bonus

Further information on interviews.
Kind regards,