Unity 3D art and model building

Unity 3D art and model building


Job Description

We have an opportunity to assist another company with a demo project that may lead to big work for all.

We need a team or individual who can demonstrate their ability to produce art and terrains for a demo product.

The contractor must be able to show they have completed art or terrain building products for Unity 3D in the past.

Needed items are:

1) A meadow like terrain with a stream, a lake, lots of pine trees, a flat playground, and room for a large clubhouse for players to enter.

2) The large clubhouse with a large gathering room with pictures and trophies on the walls and up to 8 other special purpose rooms.

3) Shelves in the rooms for placing products to purchase.

4) About 12 weapons modeled and animated in a realistic high-detail style for 3rd- and 1st-person perspectives.

5) Human and animal characters modeled and animated. Specifically we are looking for the following human animations: walk, run, shoot gun, shoot bow and arrow, crouch and shoot any of those, a few fishing-related animations for static (non-interactive) characters - all for 1st- and 3rd-person perspectives.

6) Navigation for NPCs (animals, bystanders).

Experience important.
Demonstrated success in such projects important.
Ability to communicate important.
Speed to completion important.

We look forward to finding the right partner for this job.

JW Stealey
CEO iEntertainment Network