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Job Description

We need a skilled writer to update a set of descriptions on our website. You will add information to existing descriptions of schools, courses, and housing accommodations. A high level of English proficiency is necessary.

This project can be completed in one or two days by an efficient worker.

To apply, you must submit a sample. To create a sample, follow these instructions:

1. There is a description of a school in the attachment and also one here:

LSI Boston is located on the borders of Chinatown and the Theater and Financial Districts and close to subway and bus stops, including South Station. Course offerings include General English, TOEFL prep, Business English, and Executive courses, among others. In addition, LSI provides a monthly social activity calendar.

2. Notice that the description in the attachment and the one above are different.

3. Identify information that is in the description in the attachment but NOT in the description above.

4. Add that information to the description above. You can copy and paste whole sentences into the paragraph, as long as it sounds professional.

5. Send me the completed description. There should be no repeated information. It should sound professional, read smoothly, and must have perfect spelling, punctuation and grammar. Don't edit the sentences from the original unless you need to in order to make it sound professional.

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