Urgent QT/C++ professional required


Job Description

We urgently require a QT/C++ professional or team to continue working on our half completed audio sequencer software(Similar to MixCraft/Garageband) and an auto accompany plugin.

This is a very complex application, probably more complex than Microsoft office products. You must have very strong knowledge at such field to be able to even work on the software. Meaning strong music theory and experience in audio sequencing, music production is essential.

Our previous developer has suddenly left and we are unsure of the current progress, our client is asking us for delay fee so we need someone that can start immediately and fulltime. You will need to report progress everyday.

Due to the complexity of the software and prevent time wasters. We pay by completion of each feature within the software. For example, track editing feature would be $2000 after completion and sending source. The remaining budget on the software is $10000. You have got plenty to earn!

Freelancer who successfully completes the whole software suite will be awarded extra $5000 and will enter long term maintenance agreement with us along with possible profit percentage share. Meaning around 30k/year fee to keep the software updated(or we can also work by feature per feature).