Usability Test

Usability Test


Job Description


I invite you to perform an usability test for & with us. (find an explanation below)

The test will take 30-45 minutes including the preparation.

>>You don't need any qualifications for this job<<

If you have any questions, just go ahead and ask:


Usability testing deals with the experience of a user browsing a certain website or using a certain app. Often users get frustrated when they cannot find what they are looking for and leave the website. To find out what is wrong testhub asks real users to browse the website and answer some questions. And that is your task: You will comment your actions while you’re working your way through the given scenario; record what you like or don’t like, where you have problems fulfilling the tasks, and where you see room for improvement. You’ll remain anonymous at all times. Afterwards, testhub evaluates the testing results and gives advice on how the operator can improve user experience.