Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

We're a web and internet marketing company. You're going to be helping us with keyword research, on-page optimization, writing, and sales!

>> We need someone to work 40 hours per week.
>> I want someone working the same 8 hour period every weekday. 8 hours a day, the same start and end time every day.
>> We're located in Tampa, FL (EST).
>> We normally work from 7am EST to 12pm EST, Monday through Friday.
>> We need you to work an 9 hour block sometime during that window.
>> (9 hours = 8 hours work + 1 hour unpaid lunch)

What 9 hour blocks are you available to work? Please give us options so we can choose the one we like best.

>> Video & Voice chat via Skype are critical. I repeat: it is a requirement that you're on Skype with video/voice chat during all working hours.
>> You will also be using TimeDoctor to share your screen during all working hours.
>> If you can't do voice/video chat or don't want to share your screen during working hours, this position isn't for you.

>> There will be 2 weeks of training. During this time, the pay is $3/hour.
>> After your training period, we will pay you $4/hour.
>> After 12 weeks, we will pay you $6/hour.
>> Wage and Bonus discussions will be held every 6 months.