VMTI (Visual Moving Target Indicator) OpenCV/...


Job Description

Hello, we are interested in developing a VMTI (much like the one shown in this link: http://www.motiondsp.com and click on VMTI on the homepage). The object is to track moving objects from an airborne camera,, the deliverable will be an .net win-forms app that puts a bounding box on the real moving objects.

1.- We would prefer this be coded using C#/.NET using Emgu. However feel free to use C++/OpenCV (or whatever other lib) as long as you can wrap it in a DLL and show it can be invoked from a C#/NET 3.5+ win-forms app.

2. With your application, please include an estimate for the hours required. We would prefer this be a fixed price project. Do note, this app is no "moving target" (no pun intended) since you have a very clear spec and deliverable, with a blank canvas.

Depending on a successful outcome, we have a number of projects in the pipeline e.g. GPU-izing the above code etc.

Serious applicants only please. ***spam applications will be rejected***
Thanks for your interest

Skills: .net