VOIP Experts wanted for an Important Project

VOIP Experts wanted for an Important Project


Job Description

VOIP: this is to do video chat like Skype. Reason why I need to replicate Skype is because Skype does not allow program control. There are many VOIP programs out there but most I tested don't work well when used between 2 mobile phones. Reason is because mobile phones have funny way of handling IP address as well as inconsistent bandwidth, most VOIP program tested don't work under some situation or the quality is poor. Only one that works well for me so far is Skype.

Please apply if and only if you can do an app that can VOIP two mobile phones each on 3G and with quality comparable to Skype. If you have done it before give us a demo and if not list your knowledge on the problem such set up may have.

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Skills: voip, video