Job Description

Im looking to hire someone who can help me in understanding vyatta open source community edition.

I have Proxmox running many virtual machines, some in Open VZ protected by IPTABLES and some machines running Windows in KVM which are not protected by IPTABLES.

Each Virtualised machine has its own public static IP address.

I wish to build a firewall appliance on a standalone box so that I can in effect pass through some protocols such as SIP and RTP traffic to VM machines and on other VM’s that cannot be protected within the guest OS via IPTABLES, offer NAT services.

In effect I’m trying to achieve the capabilities of many standalone routers in a single appliance built using Vyatta.

The solution must be capable of supporting each VM as if each VM had its own physical router so that the passing of GRE for IPSEC VPN on a per host basis should be no problem.

Ideally I would like work alongside the hired contractor via a screen sharing applications such as team viewer so that the whole installation can be documented with questions and answer sessions.

Thank you in advance

Skills: kvm, routers