Verifying a number through Asterisk server for a wordpress site

Verifying a number through Asterisk server for a wordpress site


Job Description

We are looking for someone to implement the verification of number (like gmail) system for us on our asterisk server and bridge it to our word-press site.
We will pay 10% bonus for great performance.

The 50, 000 feet view of system is like:

In case of “Verify a call” the interface would:
a. Check if the number is marked as verified in our DB or not.
b. If the number is not verified, the interface would provide a “Verify by phone” button.
c. When the user presses “Verify by phone” button
*The interface would interact with the Asterisk VOIP server and instruct the server to give a call to the user for the number for verification.
*The server would generate the random 4 digit code and dictate the code to the user alongwith a welcome note like “ Thanks for verifying your number on Nummer Index, you verification code is # # # #”. ( This message needs to be provided by you along with digit recordings)
*The web interface would then collect the code from Asterisk server which should be used for verification of this instance.
d. Background: The VOIP server would place a call to the user and dictate the code to him.
e. The Interface would request the user to enter the code. After user input, the interface would validate the code.
f. If the code is verified, the number status in the DB should be changed to verify.
If the verification fails the interface ask user to enter the code again or start to get another call.
In case user requests another call steps c-f are repeated.

UI Behavior for VOIP
-> User clicks Verify button next to a number in his Member Area.
-> A text box for entering code and enter button opens in a modal window.
-> User receives a call on the number and the IVR dictates a code.
-> User then enters the code on the text box and submits.
-> If the code is correct, the model window closes and numbers status is changed to Verified, else the model window closes after displaying Verification Failed message.

Our Asterisk server is already configured and working and our wordpress site is also ready, the engineer needs to just add the above functionality.

We need someone who
- Expert of ASTERIX
- Experienced with wordpress
- Quick & Smart
- Must have a lot of prior experience in integrating both.

We want someone who knows what is what and how things should function. How to make it work and what might be wrong. Debugging and unit testing is an important aspect of this role.

Answer this question at the top of your cover letter
- Why you are the right person for this job?
- Have you performed the same job before? If yes please explain.
- How long will you take to finish this project?

** Start your application with “I don't want upfront "

Skills: debugging, voip

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