Very part-time sales chat job. Small pay per chat, plus somewhat larger commision on sales.

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I have a small service site. A fair amount of interested people appear on my site everyday. I have a sales chat installed. And you would just chat with people as they appear on the site. You could be doing other things the vast majority of the time, and it makes a noise to tell you to come deal with a site visitor.

Please bid on how much I would owe you for what amount of visitors that you talk to. You would just leave the chat window on in the background and be able to do what you normally do the vast majority of the time.

This does not require you to be working on it constantly or even most of the time. So there is no way I can pay anything like a full days wages for this. But I will give you a 5.00 commission for every person that you manage to get to use the service. Continues just as long as both of us are happy with the situation.

I would like to pay something like 0.50 for every visitor chatted with (needs to be at least a few lines exchanged to be considered to have chatted with them, not just for clicking on every visitor). Plus 5.00 commission every time someone actually goes through with using my service. But please bid what you will. I would like to come to an agreement we are both happy with. But I am on a very shoestring budget with launching my service site.