Video/Audio Player (PHP,MySQL,AJAX,JS) NO FLASH


Job Description

We have a website that is currently under development whose purpose is to provide emerging artists with a place to gain exposure, connect with fans, as well as to share and sell their music and merchandise to potential fans. Most of the site is already in place but we have need for a complex Video/Audio player on our site. Please review all documentation provided before posting on this job so you are sure that you can handle it in its entirety.

The previous programmer for this job did begin working on a player but never got around to finishing it. The site is currently using Badgeville, Clip Bucket, and Disqus and the player may need to integrate with these plug-ins as necessary.

If you have a team of developers who may be brought in to help you speed this job up please let us know, as this factor will be taken into consideration. We are looking for a two to three week turn around on this job therefore your full dedication to the project is required!

With your application to this job please provide examples of your previous web programming work that relate to this project or you feel would prove that you are an expert programmer suitable for this job. Please do provide some code snippets showing past examples where you have used PHP, AJAX, and JS so we can assess your coding skills. We are looking for programmers from USA or Canada ONLY! Strong communication skills are a must as you will be reporting in daily on your progress.

What we need you to give us in your application.
1. Previous Samples of Work (Live websites and sample code)
2. How long you think the job will take. We understand things come up so just give as best an estimate as possible.
3. Why we should hire you.
4. If you cannot handle AJAX for this project let us know. You must be an expert in the other languages.
5. Ability to integrate this new player with other scripts such as Badgeville, Clip Bucket and Disqus as needed.

Claim2Fame Player Details
• The player will sits at the bottom of a member’s screen and move up and down with the screen as the user browses the website.
• The player will play video and audio tracks only when a new playlist is created, tracks are added to an existing playlist, or a new playlist is added from another member to the user’s playlist library.
• When an individual logs onto the website the player is closed. A small button with a music note sits at the bottom left the user’s screen. The music note will jump (not using flash) to notify the user to click on it.
• When a user clicks on the music note the player pops open, and since this is a first time for a user to look at this, there are no songs, or videos added to the player. Therefore the playlist library is empty.
• The following describes the icons an individual sees on the player:
o Icons to the left: last song, pause/play, next song and adjust volume bar below
o Shuffle, full playlist, and volume/mute
o Middle: name of song, band name, length of song
o Starts: rate artist option
o Power red button: is red when playing something, is dark burgundy when not playing anything
o AUX: no function/ just visual
• We need an editing feature that will allow member to:
o Delete audio/video from playlists
o Delete playlists entirely
o Change order of playlist
o Rename the playlist
• Please note that a member’s playlists will be in two places: in their personal player, and on their profile under the playlists tab.
• The reason for the playlist being located on the member’s profile is that it allows other members to browse your playlists, and add music. While the player holds the playlists you have created.
Adding Music to the Player:
• When a member comes upon a video, audio track, or another c2f member’s playlist they can add this to their playlist. Notes that this all happens within the site. Outside video or songs cannot be added to playlists unless they are uploaded by a c2f member.
• To add a video found in that member’s playlist tab on their profile click on “+Playlist” which will pop up in the upper left hand corner of the video.
• A window will then come up asking the user to select an existing playlist, or create a new one to add the track to.
Playing video/audio in player:
• When a video is minimized, the audio still works, but the video does not.

Be sure to read over all material before applying. Also this job posting will be on multiple freelancer sites, only apply to it on the site of your preference.

Skills: video

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