Video Editor For Supplement Reviews

Video Editor For Supplement Reviews


Job Description

Your Task: To put together a 3-4 minute video. You will be provided with the voice over, graphics, background music, PSD templates, pre-made video sequences.

You will be required to alter PSD templates to create a PNG file using Photoshop. No typing of text will be required, all text will be copy and pasted. What video software editing program you use is up to you.

My aim is to finish 100 videos by February 1st 2013. Here is an example of the videos you will be editing.


Provided To You: - Detailed instructions
- Introduction video clip
- PSD template for metal plate picture
- Background music
- Background image
- Animations, Social Proof, Active ingredients video clips
- PSD template for video text
- PSD template for Final Verdict
- Customized Raw Score PNG
- Text to copy and paste for all words in video

Time: Once you have your template fully set up on your video editor and have this concept down, it should take you roughly 15-20 minutes to edit each video. At which point I will provide you with my youtube account info for you to upload the video.

This job starts on January 1st. Prepare to edit at least 5 videos per day if not more. 50% will be paid up front, the last 50% upon completion.

There will be more reviews to complete after this hundred if you prove to be an effective employee and enjoy the work! I look forward to establishing a strong business relationship with you. Talk to you soon.

The video

Skills: graphics, youtube