Video Player, Video Website Expert wanted

Video Player, Video Website Expert wanted


Job Description

Hi -
Here is what I need

I have a video website and I want to change the video player....

1) I want the Video Player to be HTML 5 so people can watch videos on their mobile devices
2) I want to tap into a Flash player that will allow me to use Google to share ad money ( so have a advertising module)
3) I want to customize this player so I can ALSO upload video ads that I sell and have them play on the website... So not all the ads will be based from Google, but some are my own
4)I want to be able to target user based on their IP area with ads... so if someone is watching a video ( just like youtube) if they are in Canada they will see an 10 or 30 second video advert from Canada only....

You must be an expert Video Players

Skills: video, youtube

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