Video Project


Job Description

Create a DVD suitable for playing on a standard DVD player, connected to a Standard Definition PALbased television set, as follows:
The DVD will boot into a menu screen of your own design, which contains graphics and titling. A looped sound track should play on this screen.
The menu should offer four choices:
• A two minute video about a personal hobby or interest. The video must be PG rated and must avoid controversial topics such as politics, religion and any reference to violence. At the end of the video, the user should be offered the option to return to the main menu or to view the video again.
• A 20-second animated advertisement created in Flash. The advert should promote your hobby or interest.
• This piece must be entertaining, and should be designed to show off your Flash skills. You may not embed video into the Flash piece, but you may use images. The piece must have a sound accompaniment, and you should try to synchronise the animation with the content of the soundtrack. At the end of the animation, the user should be offered the option to return to the main menu or to view the animation again.
• A sequence of images related to your hobby or interest (minimum 5, maximum 10) created in Photoshop, and designed to demonstrate some of the Photoshop techniques covered in the Photoshop lecture / workshop. The images could show screen-grabs overlaid with text telling the user what is going on. Each image must be on screen for 10 seconds only, so you will need to design your tutorial sequence (and the use of text) very carefully. At the end of the sequence, the user should be offered the option to return to the main menu or to view the sequence again. Again this should be related to your hobby or interest.
• A submenu of your own design. This choice should take you to a separate submenu screen offering 4 choices:
o The storyboard of your video. This must be neat, clear and readable.
o Scrolling credits for every item that needs to be credited (eg sound and image sources etc).
o Scrolling bibliography for this piece of work.
o Return to main menu.
Each of the six main sections of the DVD above together with the two menus must feature your initials at a point size of 50.
The video must be created using a digital camera (Not a mobile phone). It should consist of at least FIVE scenes, with multiple cuts per scene, separated by appropriate video transitions. It should include both closeups and more distant shots, and must include dialogue. Music must be played during the titling and credits sequences. There should be a script and storyboard for the video. There will be a high quality soundtrack which you must record yourselves. You may use a small amount of appropriate background music. The audio must also have a script and an audio storyboard.
The soundtrack will have the following properties:
• Created in Adobe Audition CS5.5.
• The Session will be a multi-track session.
• The final audio will be mixed down to a high quality MP3 file.
• The following tracks will be present in the audio file:
• High quality voice track(s)
• Appropriate background music should play where appropriate with suitable fade-in and fade-out.
• The volume of the background music should be appropriate for the content and context of your video.
The tracks should be mixed down to a single MP3 file using Adobe Audition CS5.5. The relative volumes of the constituent tracks must be appropriate for the context. i.e. the voices must not be obscured by background music. The audio quality of all the tracks must be high, clear with no hiss. Recording must be done with a suitable device, for example a microphone into a laptop or digital recorder (not a mobile phone) or other good quality recording device. Any hiss or other noise should be removed from your recording using Adobe Audition.

You should provide the following:
• The final DVD disk (created in Encore)
• A Flash version of the complete project (created in Encore)
• The Encore project file
• The Premiere Project file
• The Flash source file for the Animation
• The Audition Session files for all audio sequences
• The final mixed video file, compressed to AVI Cinepak by Radius codec
• All constituent video files (AVI Cinepak by Radius codec)
• The final mixed down audio file, compressed to 128 Kbits/sec Mp3
• All constituent audio files in mp3 format.
• The audio story-board (Word format)
• The video storyboard and script (Word format)

In addition you must include a folder containing 10 practical work folders. These must be titled and dated, and include the finished files for the 10 practical sessions. You MUST ONLY include COMPLETED work. Empty folders or folders with incomplete work will be awarded a penalty of -1 mark per folder

Skills: video, adobe-premiere