Video Surveillance Analyst

Video Surveillance Analyst


Job Description

Job Summary
Remotely monitor restaurant activity via video surveillance cameras. This is for The Khowaja Organization (TKO) Dunkin Donuts restaurants etc. Investigate restaurant activity by conducting searches, managing evidence and build cases. Report suspicious activity to Franchisee and Multi-Unit Manager with proper evidence.

The company will provide on-line training in which you will learn to navigate the three applications of March Networks (Live Monitoring Console, Evidence Manager & Investigator).

Principle Responsibilities & Key Activities
Live Monitoring

Monitoring the top 5 Loss Prevention searches which include:

All “No Sales” Transaction– Crew Members could be mishandling cash by opening the cash drawer for an invalid reason.
Line Item Deletes - Crew Members could be mishandling cash by deleting items from the transaction after the guest has paid and left the restaurant
Voids - Crew Members could be mishandling cash by cancelling a transaction after a guest has paid and left the restaurant.
Refunds - Crew Members could be conducting false refunds and mishandling cash.
Transaction Under Amount - Crew Members could be reducing an order by ringing in low priced items after a guest leaves and is handle the cash.
Other – Crew member not complaining with Uniform standards, talking with friends, employee theft, etc.

Investigating Restaurant Activity

Investigating incidents including theft, fraudulent claims, and non-compliance by conducting the following searches:

Time and Location Search – Searching by Time and Location is helpful when searching for an incident where you have information about when and where it occurred, such as a “slip and fall”.
Motion Search – Searching by Motion is helpful in identifying security issues in areas that have low motion levels, such as an office or back room

Managing Evidence
View/Save evidence – Save and verify evidence for prosecution purposes.
Save evidence to a CD - Save activity to a CD in order to provide evidence to external authorities or for use in court.

Skills: video, training, analysis