Video bumper creation

Video bumper creation


Job Description

I'd like an 4-7 second video animation 'intro' bumper and 4-7 second 'outro' video bumper created for my Youtube channel videos.

For the Intro Bumper: I need an animated version of my current logo, which is a female figurine emerging from a lotus with some text to the right of it. I need the figure to rise up out of a closed flower and then the text to fade in next to it. I have the png files and music file that I can provide for this. The music needs to be edited to fit nicely with the intro bumper.

For the Outro Bumper: I'd like something similar to what you find at 7:40-7:49 on this video:

This could lead to more video editing work down the road if you want it and prove your skills with this job.

We will utilize both Dropbox and Jing as tools for file sharing.

Skills: video, youtube

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