Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Customer Service and More

Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Customer Service and More


Job Description

Objective: I need a person that can handle a number of different tasks which are outlined below. This person must be regularly available, able to learn new things, and be well-versed in getting around the internet.

Job Description:

The following tasks are what I’d like this person to become capable of doing. Also your English must be very good.

1. Simple customer service including:
Answering questions
Sending download files
Doing refunds
Placing orders
Tracking shipments
Operating memberships

2. Posting Blog articles and emails
Proficiency in Wordpress is necessary.
Will be using Aweber and 1shoppingcart as well. (It’s a plus if you’re familiar with these, but if not you’ll be trained)
Posting articles to other places online as well.
Posting articles and/or pictures to facebook.

3. Writing and Editing
Most articles will be written but if you have article writing skills that’s another plus.
Editing transcriptions into articles.
Creating PDF files and uploading to PDF sharing sites.

4. Creating videos.
Sometimes just posting a recorded audio along with pictures.
Other times creating a slide show like in Powerpoint or another software.
Uploading these to Youtube and other video sites

5. Coordinating and contacting team members and other people
Will be working side by side with other team members like getting transcripts from them.
Locating and contacting potential partners online

6. Setting up systems
Outlining and setting up systems for all of the above to be shown online.
Possibly even in charge of hiring other outsourcers down the line.

Bonus Skills:
If you’re good at the following that would also be great but these are not required for the position.
SEO and Keyword Research
HTML or other Coding
Social Media

This is a fairly wide range of tasks and I don’t expect anyone to be anyone to be great at everything from the get go (but if you are that’s awesome!). The important thing is someone that is reliable, trustworthy, and can learn and follow directions. Overall I would say this is an easy job for someone that knows what they’re doing.

In doing this all you’ll be given access to many different websites and accounts. We’ll start simple with a few tasks and grow from there. You’re sure to gain an education in many tasks that would help most online businesses.

This is a trial for ongoing work. I am looking for a person that is seeking long term work. In the beginning it may just be part time but will grow to a full time position as my company grows bigger. You’re to become my second in charge or go-to man or woman.

The work will involve my online information marketing business mostly in the health & fitness area, focused mostly on strength training. You can see a few of the websites you’d be working with at and

If you think you’re the right person for this position please answer the following:

1. What experience do you have with customer service?
2. What experience do you have with posting blog articles and emails?
3. What experience do you have with Writing and Editing?
4. What experience do you have with Creating videos?
5. What experience do you have with Coordinating and contacting other people?
6. What experience do you have with Setting up systems?
7. What other skills do you bring to the table?
8. Lastly Why are you the right person for the job?

I appreciate you taking the time to fill this out and I look forward to talking to you.

Thank you,
Logan Christopher

Skills: english, pdf, youtube, video, research, marketing