Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant


Job Description

I own a business that operates in both the private and public sector. Currently looking to expand the private business through local marketing and my person web site.

Job Description:
I'm looking for a Virtual Assistant to help me manage research, search for contact names and info, and great at miscellaneous tasks. My previous VA did not pay attention to detail. I need someone who can follow directions and details.

Your responsibilities:

- Data analysis/entry into Excel, Word or other programs
- Research using the Internet or other information databases
- Possible Travel planning and coordination
- Other miscellaneous tasks that can be performed online
- Times of work will be flexible to your daily schedule as I plan to email daily task lists. This may be a short time job or could work out to be a much longer full time position. Start small and as you produce and I grow, you will benefit.

Your qualifications:

- Previous experience as an administrative assistant preferred
- B...

Skills: marketing, research, analysis