Visit Canton fair China 15 - 19 april

Visit Canton fair China 15 - 19 april


Job Description

I work for a sourcing company in France.

I Would need somebody to visit for us the next Canton fair in Guangzhou and do following tasks :
- distribute a card/print flyer brochure to sellers in some product categories
- find sellers for some goods / collect brochures / take pictures / video
- data entry for seller information

I need to distribute around 2000 paper flyers and find some products (around 100)
so i guess this is a full time job for 1-2 people during the canton fair (especially 15-19 april)

Can you help me organize this operation :
- print flyers (I supply files)
- 1 person for the flyer distribution
- 1 person for sourcing some categories / special sourcing request / taking photos / collecting brochures
- Collect e-mails of chinese factories

Let me know what you think you can do

Best regards,


Skills: virtual-assistant-skills