Visual Basic Programmer with MySQL API and Youtube API knowledge


Job Description

I'm working on a project and need some assistance. I'm making a Visual Basic application that connects to a MYSQL database that keeps track of youtube videos and youtube usernames. I need someone with MYSQL and YouTube API knowledge that can retrieve:

1) the video url and youtube username from a web browser control form and save it in a mysql database for manipulation.
2) you must also have knowledge of the youtube api to use in visual basic. Again, the program will retrieve the 2 items mentioned from a web browswer control form and the program should also be able to send messages to youtube users.

The job is fixed price and we'll have many small tasks so we can finish the job one task at a time. The budget is for just beginning the initial task of logging into the mysql server and If completed successfully, more additional tasks will be given. You will only be paid if the job is completed successfully.

I'm working on it in Visual Basic Express 2010, which is a free program, and I expect you to be able to do the same since it is free. If you have another program of choice, it should be compatible with VB Express 2010 so I can also open the program.


Skills: visual-basic