Volunteer Recruiting

Volunteer Recruiting


Job Description

Hey Rena,

Here is a project I am about to post on Odesk. Are you interested?

I need someone with excellent record in volunteer management or volunteer coordinating experiences to help us attract skilled, passionate, and quality volunteers to help our nonprofit organization or join our nonprofit organization permanently as a staff volunteers. We’ve been using two websites to seek volunteers:

1) VolunteerMatch—we seek skilled volunteers in various area regards of age or educational status.
2) A University Posting Website—we are specifically seeking student volunteers to join our team, do their school projects or presentation, or graduate thesis about us, or simply volunteer for a short term (a semester or more).

For this project, we will give you full access to our accounts on these websites and you will figure out what needs to be done to 1) Attract volunteers, and 2) Convince them of volunteer or join our team. You MUST show us proof that you’ve done this before successfully and effectively. You will implement your plan/strategy to help us get the volunteers we need. Note: we will prefer virtual volunteers.

To give you an idea, some of the volunteers we are seeking are:
1) Advertising, Marketing, or Communication students or professionals
2) An Accountant (with tax filing experience)
3) An Auditor
4) Videographers or Video producers for our awareness programs
5) Volunteer Coordinators
6) Student Organizations Partners
7) Secretary
8) Fundraisers
9) Youtube Channel Optimizers
10) SMM Manager s Facebook, Twitter, Google+
11) Board Members
12) Bloggers
13) Blog Managers
14) Several Graphic Designers for weekly promotional graphics
15) Event Planner or Manager
16) Grant Writers
17) Researcher
18) Professional Dancers

If you can do this job, please let me know.

Skills: management, marketing, video, youtube, facebook, twitter, graphics