Job Description

We are looking for a web developer to develop our medical staffing website. We need to be able to do the following:

Manage Applicants:
Manage all job applications from the WordPress admin panel. All user data and submitted attachments are safely stored on your web-server and
available for you at any time. Reject or accept user applications in order to provide employers with the best candidates only.

Keep in touch with candidates:
A Job-Board feature with job alert email subscriptions and customized job feeds.

Multiple marketing features:
In addition to the Job-Board feature we need professional features such as job alerts, job feeds and email notifications.

Creating resumes:
After registration each candidate will be able to create his resume using and fully functioning Resume form.

From the administration panel we need to be able to select who will have access to all resume details (everyone, registered employers or only premium employers).

Flexible resume browsing and searching:
Users will be able to browse all resumes at once or by category. The Job-Board feature also will have a professional built-in search engine, allowing fast and easy searching by keyword, location, category, experience and education.

User upload resumes:
As Admin you will be able to view and update user-submitted resumes, ensuring employers are not subjected to anything inappropriate. This will
increase trust in your website, though an auto-approve function is also available.

Job posting control:
You will be able to decide who can post jobs on your job board. In administration panel you will be able to select between: unregistered users
(anonymous jobs), registered members only, or you can disallow users to post jobs, leaving this privilege to admin only.

Flexible job browsing and searching:
The Job-Board feature built-in advanced search engine allows searching by location, keyword, job type, category and the time of posting. This will
make your job board more valuable to both job seekers and employers, plus job seekers will be able to even set up email alerts and RSS feeds

Job applications:
It will have an easily customizable application form, allowing users to quickly apply for jobs. Users will be able to fill in their info’ and
attach required files. The Application will then be sent to the employer and saved in the database for admin and employer convenience.

Employer profiles:
Every registered employer will be able to create their unique profile, which will contain company name, location, description and currently open
positions. The profile data will also be used to automatically pre-fill the Add Job form, making it easy for employers to post future jobs, keeping
your board busy.

Jobs and applicants management:
After logging in employers will be able to edit their job posts (if you as administrator allows it), accept or reject job applications and view job
stats (unique page views, total page views). The employer panel will also allow for quick and simple one-click job republishing.

Job alerts and RSS feeds:
To ensure no-one forgets your website or misses the chance of an ideal employment match, it will offer 2 effective ways to keep in touch. The first
is RSS feeds (all jobs or by a single category) and the second is email alerts by keyword. This will make your site more valuable to both employers
and employees.

Useful Widgets:
The site will have multiple widgets you can use for better integration with your website, widgets include: job board and resumes menu, alerts
subscription, search form, recently posted jobs, featured jobs, job categories, job types, RSS feeds, recently viewed jobs…

We also need Pre-Built Pages:

Fully Functioning Blog
Contact Us Page
Dynamic Contact Form Page
Corporate Team Page
Faq Page
Testimonial Page
Services Page
About Us Page
Office Location Page-with Google Maps
Private Policy Page
Terms Of Use Page
Lead Capture Page

We also want to send out mass email and text messages to applicants.

Skills: marketing, administration