WIFI-enabled Android Music App

WIFI-enabled Android Music App


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We are developing a wireless music player (android tablet integrated with amplifier and speakers) an app (android initially) to play and stream music across multiple devices in a network. Needs to be cross platform-friendly especially between ios and android. this project is for android only but developer needs to check that playing from itunes on ios is possible through this android app also. We will have the ios app developed after the android is complete.

As it will be installed across 2 or 3 devices in a local WIFI network, the app will control which track is to play, where it is to be played and control the volume. Music source is either local audio file, internet radio, online music service 'Spottify', music service 'Pandora' or 'Last.FM', google play and itunes.

Project requires use of API's:
1. VLC Music Player
2. Spottify
3. Pandora (internet radio) or Last.FM
4. Google Play
5. iTunes
6. Internet Radio streaming

I have attached a layout diagram and made a few suggestions on it.

Synchronising between devices is a key requirement. supporting all platforms including ios will be key also.

As mentioned, the base, open-source platform we are considering is VLC (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-android.html)

There are 4 key functionalities we want:
1. Play any song streamed from the net (Spotify)
2. Play any genre of songs from the net (Last.FM)
3. Play from phone or local device (including local mp3's, itunes or google play)
4. Play internet radio (already built into VLC, need to choose stations)

1. The spotify functionality is to play any song that you want.

2. Pandora or Last.FM play genres from the net. It appears as though Last.FM has a better API?

3. As this is an app, if someone is using app on their phone in the local network, they should be able to play any song on their phone through another device on the network (that also has app installed). This means if a user has an iphone and wants to play through our android app, this needs to be possible.

4. Streaming internet radio stations. I believe VLC already has this built across all platforms. Need to check.

'Subsonic', plays from itunes library across multiple platforms. It is open source so you may be able to use that.

To clarify further, we are building an integrated android tablet with amplifier and speakers, to create a wireless music device. When we have two or three of our units in an area. We want to be able to control the music played on each one, or, play the same song at the same exact time on all devices. So if the user has an iphone and wants to play any song from their phone, we want to stream that song to play on all other devices, or choose which device to play that song and choose another song for another device. Also control volume remotely.

Please ask any questions, i am available on skype also to chat further about it.

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