We are searching for a article-writer with german-english translation

We are searching for a article-writer with german-english translation


Job Description

We are searching for some one, who can take englisch articles and translate it into german. After this you need to write the article new in your own words, so it is an individual post.

Please translate and rewrite this short article as a test:

Underlying the constant search for tactics by bloggers out there, there is a huge perceived lack of time.

You’ve got a day job. A family. A life. How are you supposed to have enough time to create a successful blog?

Personally, I think our perceptions of time are completely arbitrary (more on that viewpoint on time here). A lot of our approach to time comes from within, so time management tips are usually ways to outsmart ourselves into getting more done despite our self-imposed limitations of how much we can get done.

So, prefaced with my strongly-held belief that it ultimately comes down to mindset, I’ve compiled a list of 21 tips to help you with your efficiency as bloggers.

1 Don’t check email first thing in the morning. Get some work done first since mornings are often when we function best.

2 Switch to Google Voice. An invite is required, yes, but it allows you to screen your calls and have messages delivered to your email.

3 Phone interruptions are the worst.
Disown Your Phone. Set up a voice mail message which explains your schedule for checking messages, then disconnect the phone to avoid interruptions. Train others to work with you on this for enhanced efficiency.

4 Limit Reading Time. As I covered before, you cannot consume and produce at the same time. So, limit the amount you ingest in order to be able to output more. Information overload is an extremely controllable problem.

Skills: management