Web Animation Project for Oral Care Online Store Webpage

Web Animation Project for Oral Care Online Store Webpage


Job Description

Project outline November 26, 2012

maxill inc. Animation Project


maxill inc is a 25 year old Canadian manufacturer and direct distributor of many different products pertaining to dentistry. The main product lines of the company are infection control, preventatives, disposables and hygiene.

One element of our product line is a wide range of oral care products sold to consumers via our website.

Many changes have occurred over 25 years in the retail industry. Where at one time a new and entrepreneurial company had a chance to get out and onto shelves, those days have now virtually dissaperaed with the concentration of retail in just a few hands

maxill has a fantastic web store right now for the hundreds of products that we produce. What we are looking to do is to build a separate smaller store to focus solely upon dental products that relate to oral care and our relationship with dentists.

As the founder of the company I want to produce a short animation or some sort that educates the consumer in a humourous but factual way about why they should be buying maxill products online.

This animation would focus on;

• Company started from grass roots ( my garage actually )

• the work to pitch retailers big and small back in the 1980’s

• That the buyers in retail from the 1980’s are far different than the buyers in retail today. IN the 1980’s, buyers took your calls, made recommendations to you about how to improve your product, generally bought something if they think it would sell. Paid your bills without massive deductions/

Contrast that today with big retailers that do not take your calls, hide behind voicemail, source globally and for the cheapest price, will only “list” the top 2 brands of a category plus their own private label. We charge you thousands for a listing with no guarantees of anything whatsoever, will email you to tell you that your products are being delisted with no explanation even if your product sells well, will constantly come up with new charges to deduct off of your invoices for no reason and will copy your best selling product into their own private label into China.

• emphasize why consumers should buy online and the advantages that we offer
Computer animation in 2D should be fine.

Can discuss options.

I have sketched out a timeline for the cartoon that I can forward to you.

I am by no means an expert in animation.

John Shaw

maxill inc.