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Web App Developer


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I own a small construction company and want digitize our estimating and invoicing process.

We only do about 15 small jobs per day so the following does not need to scale very large. In addition, this app will only be used internally by our office worker so it doesn't need to look pretty.

We plan on completing this web program in phases with the first phase being just the pricing portion.

We are looking for a developer with the following experience:

- Be able to program pricing rules that include data from Maps API
- API integration (Specifically Maps API)
- Custom Calendar development for organizing jobs
- Invoice management solution
- Server side setup experience

I have attached the specs and wireframe/information flow.

The basic functions of the web app are:

- Takes in information such as sizes and driving distances to output a price.
- Automatically sends emails of the price quote generated
- Automatically sends emails with invoice for jobs scheduled
-- Takes information and creates a pdf document
- Has calendar to track scheduled jobs
- Has invoice management

I have some familiarity with google's app engine so would be nice if built on that system but not required.

Please include any questions you may have in your response and a best guess at time it will take to get the pricing portion done.

Skills: pdf, google-calendar

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