Web-Based Video Layout Management Tool

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

We are adding a new web UI to our live-video-editing cloud backend. We have requirements as well as a illustrative wireframe prototype in jQueryUI for drag-n-drop arrangement of video streams (http://www.mosami.com/future/interactive_tools.htm). We need this prototype to be cleaned up for robustness and visual consistency. In addition a number of key elements need to add, including:
1. Re-skin for multiple role-based interfaces (separating out UI elements in to collapsible tabs for participant vs moderator)
2. Richer interaction (new right-click behaviors to modify existing interactions and corresponding visual indicators)
3. New drag/drop/edit items (placing non-video objects like text string and images)
4. Active elements (for example, graphically display audio volume in real time), updated through websockets
5. Shared control/state of the UI across different users, reflected through a server via websocket-like interface

Skills Required:

- Frontend developer able to iterate with our design team
- Necessary: HTML interfaces (jQuery UI, kinetic.js, etc), and AJAX.
- Strong Plus: server side languages (python, node.js, PHP), HTML5
- If you have Flash/AIR and mobile expertise, there would be a follow-on project for a small screen version as well.

Additional Requirements: Please include links to sample of your work that illustrate user interactions - drag–n-drop, clicks on objects, etc

Skills: video, management, design