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Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for someone to write paragraphs on assigned educational topics.

The paragraphs will have the following characteristics:

1. These paragraphs should be in a positive conversational tone. They should not look like something you would find in a textbook.
2. Before each paragraph, there will be a small descriptive title with the "keyword" in it. Each word in the title must be capitalized.
As an example: “Computers” is the keyword - Title: “Computers Aid in Predicting Storms”
3. You should deliver the finished file in a text file, using Notepad. You do not need to number the paragraphs.
4. Only prepare the contents as we would include everything else into the website by ourselves

Contractor requirements

We are seeking the following qualities in the contractor:

1. Must be able to finish the task within deadline.
2. Excellent English writing skills and a familiarity with education topics in Malaysia.
3. Creative and engaging style that will appeal to broad groups of people
4. Knowledge on the home school system and are able to generate ideas with given basic instructions.
5. Adhere to the given instructions strictly.

Pages to be written include:
(Contractors are advised to make references to the articles on http://homeschoolhomefrontier.com about home school in Malaysia)

1. Home (7-8 Paragraphs with approximately 100 words each)
Find out what are the primary troubles that parents face when finding a home school tutor in Malaysia. Provide reasonable answers and give reasons why parents should consider to choose us as their primary option in giving home school to their children.

2. About Us (3-4 Paragraphs with approximately 50-60 words each)
This page should include the people would be our potential clients. The services we are providing is where our tutors would go to their houses and home school them.

How to apply

Along with your cover letter, please submit writing samples that highlight your writing style. Please also rate your familiarity with the education industry and your availability over the next 24 hours.

About the company

We are providing home schooling service that targets parents who want their children to be home schooled with programmes tailored to their children's specific needs or parents who are frustrated with the public education system and wants their children to take external exams (IGCSE).

Skills: english