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We are setting up a digital agency and we need a website to be set up real quick. The website has to be a super quality in terms of design and usability and it has to be really unique also. When we say it has to be really really good means we are talking about designs you see on sights like dribbble.com and awwwards.com, really good design.

Apart from the usability and all the eye candy design, we need the programming to be really good and strong. We also want you to be really good with ideas and suggestions. You should be creative, innovative and at the end we want you to give us what would help us get more leads, conversions and help us be unique.

The website has to be delivered on a cms and has to be responsive. We feel wordpress would be the easiest to use and update. We want you to give us suggestions regarding type of content, pages, what should be on it etc.

For me to shortlist you and consider you to do this job, I want to see your work previously and it has to be really good in terms of usability, design, experience, uniqueness, creativity. I hope you understand the opportunity for you as we are a digital agency so we could end up having a good relationship and a profitable one for you.

I want this project to be professional so it should start with the ideas/wire frames you have for our project - then mock ups of the wireframes - the design of the website - the implementation - testing and finally deployment to our server.

I have posted this job before, but I was very disappointed with the people who applied before because no one showed me good design. I want to see really really well designed websites among your previous work. Don't send me all your 100 links of portfolio, show me 4,5 links of your best work, I will know it when i see it.

Please do not apply to this job if:
- you can not provide previous work to show for
- you are not good at ui and graphics design
- you are not creative and do not want to think outside the box
- you can not provide the above phases of work
- sign an NDA never to use any our work as portfolio
- can not complete the job in 2 weeks, i could extend this to 3
- i need to see the progress everyday of what has been accomplished and what is remaining

I will politely decline the application if you do not agree to the above

Please see the opportunity here for you.

Thank You for your time and I am looking forward to your applications.

Skills: design, graphics, facebook

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