Web Developer who knows Visual Web Developer 2010 Express

Web Developer who knows Visual Web Developer 2010 Express


Job Description

You need to use Visual Web Developer 2010 Express for this web project.

You need to first download free tample from this website: www.oswd.org

You need to create Master page. In total there are 8 pages.

The website is about Samsung products. You need to pick 6 Samsung products and put them in the products page. Remember to mention the link where you got the information from.

The top level pages are:
1. Home Page
2. Product
3. Contact Us
4. About Us

The code behind must be (Templates Visual basic)

Sub pages:
1. When a user selects a product and Orders it should show another page with Quantity and total amount. The visitor selects Proceed.

2. It also request for visitor information and credit card details. No credit card validation required. The visitors fill the information and submits.

3. If the information is complete then display page saying "Thank you for your order"

4. If the visitors fills incomplete information then display page saying "Error - Incomplete of Incorrect information".

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