Web Developer

Web Developer


Job Description


I am working on a project that requires a website where viewers can do several things with it.

1. They can watch videos, and post videos at the same time.
2. They can comment on the videos and music, share videos. They should also be able to post pictures.
3. listen to music,
4. a page where people can post news, events, and comment on them, also. I would like a like button for each video, music, and news forums in the website.

5. I would like the design to be clean, friendly, and easy for viewers to go browse through.

6. Develope a layout design, that should be easily incorporated to a paywall buisness strategy for the website, if required in the future.

7. The website should be able to put ads in the future.

This website will focus on a specific group of people with a common interest and music that I plan to incorporate. I plan to have this project as a content driven website with multiple pages in the future.

Skills: video, design