Web Developer

Web Developer


Job Description

We currently operate a recruitment website hosted in Sydney, Australia and we are in need of a developer to update the website.

The developer must be able to do smooth transition to a new hosting company and must have the competence in linking the website and database via an API to a new recruitment software provider.

We will provide the source code for the existing website and the instructions on how to use the API to Bullhorn.

To apply:

1. Please indicate your previous experience with updating websites, and your previous experience with recruitment websites or job boards.
2. Approx. how long would it take to implement the following additions, assuming we gave you samples of what we wanted.
3. What question do you have for us to help you estimate the time and cost?
4. We want to maintain ownership of the software and have the new software returned to us at the end of the project.
5. Can you provide 3 recent clients with similar projects for reference check?

Other details will be discussed in the interview about this job.

Only reasonable bids will be considered.