Web Forum - Mixed with Product Database

Web Forum - Mixed with Product Database


Job Description

Hi, we are looking for someone that can create a support forum. We have a large database of products, over 200,000 products. all categorized and listed under an e-commerce solution. what we need is for these products to be listed in a forum of some kind so users can search for products that they need support for. they can then ask questions in the forum, and we can then respond via the form to help them.

if this all sounds rather simple, or you are confident in your ability to provide such a solution could you please begin your response with where in the world you would like to go for a holiday. this is just so we can filter out all the people who do not read. can you also re-iterate what we are looking for. this will help show you understand the task on hand.

This work will lead to full time for the right persons.

Thank you.

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