Web Hosting Solution

Web Hosting Solution


Job Description

We are constantly improving our IT infrastructure and would like to hear proposals to design, plan, implement, train, and document a web hosting solution for multiple clients. After testing the new web hosting server you will be responsible for migrating 22 websites (some with databases), as well as 250 mailboxes. Our company is currently using a third party hosting parallel’s solution.

For this project you must have previous proven experience with pop3, Postfix , DNS, Web hosting, MySQL, VM(Linux), and load balancing.
Tentative environments that we are looking into (but not limited) are:
1) Operating Systems:
- Ubuntu
- CentOS

2) Interface
- Parallel BM
- ZPanelcp

3) Your own proposal

Please, provide two proposals:
A) Onetime/one payment contract that can be maintained by us. It must include training and documentation.
B) A contract with payments on monthly basis. Your proposal must explain technical and architectural hardware/software design as well as articulate solutions that address a medium to large client base.
Note: Proposal # 2 must include the following information:
- Responsible for setup, configuring, and troubleshooting this web hosting solution
- Ensure proper configuration and security at all times on the system
- Conduct ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure stability and optimal performance of the system
- Provide after hours support if needed
- Responsible for documenting system configurations
- Perform routine audits of systems and software

For each proposal, you must include what it will be the Total Project Cost and what would be the time frame for completion