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I have a site that someone has been working on for WAY too long that I need to get completed. I believe he put it in Joomla, which I'm not sure is a good solution. The site is solo-ad-sellers.com. I have a new design for it, as this one is terrible right now. This site will function similar to odesk in terms of it's filter capability. I need to make sure the profile area is complete and serves the purposes I require.

If you're interested in completing this project for me please take a look at the website and respond with the pros and cons for keeping this in Joomla, and if you have a different solution please tell me what solution you recommend and why.

This is a membership site where sellers provide a service they sell and are charged a monthly fee. Buyers can filter for buyers a number of different ways (like on odesk). I believe the filters are close to being complete, but haven't been able to fully test it due to it not being complete.

I want the site to integrate with paypal for monthly payment management.

Skills: design, test, paypal

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