Web Research/Email Support

Web Research/Email Support


Job Description

You will be responsible for finding the contact information for people from the app store.
First it will be just one category from the app store " Lifestyle" and than later will be " Food and Drinks" and than "travel"
There are MILLIONS of apps. You will be assigned only 3 categories. You will literally have to go through THOUSANDS of information and get correct info.

You will document this in excel.

1. These are the following info you have to find
Company Name
App Name
Contact Person Name
Contact Person Email
Do they accept payments with their app?
App link

2. The 2nd part is once you have collected info.
You will need to email contact person. But first main priority is finding CORRECT information.

Please provide me samples of data collection work you have done
Sample of emails you have sent or email handling work.
Please tell me how you will conduct your research and get correct info.

If the above is not provided you will be automatically deleted.

This will be initially a contract work...It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

Best of luck.

Skills: research, email-support