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I had about 20,000 products scraped from a website and asked that they be put into a .CSV file, but when I got the files they were not in the correct format and I could not import them into my ecommerce store. I need someone who can either edit the .CSV files and fix the problem, or someone who can do the job all over again and scrape the website for me in the proper format. I will leave whoever does this job EXCELLENT feedback which will be NICE LONG feedback rather than just something quick and easy. Work hard for me and I'll take care of you. I have no problem hiring someone who is new to ODESK if you want to build up your feedback. Thanks

I'm putting in the minimum pay so I can post the job but please bid on the job so I know what you will charge me and what you plan to do exactly to help me... if you plan to do the job over again or to just edit the .CSV files.

Skills: import

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