Web developer/administrator


Job Description

My company has a several simple web sites that are on different servers in different programming languages--it's kind of a mess. One of them (a simple flash site) is currently down completely. I need the following:

1) Get the flash site back up and running. I have the code, but it needs to be deployed on a new server, and I can't remember how to do that with a flash site. (Highest priority);

2) Convert the flash site to a simple htlm site;

3) Help choose and implement a content management system for easy content updates by multiple distributed authors;

3) Migrate other existing web site (unix based, html) onto the content management system;

4) Redesign and consolidate both web sites into one;

5) Transition existing Yahoo ecommerce site onto a more robust platform, and itegrate into existing consolidated site.

Existing site is at www.perlagesystems.com; other site is down

Skills: unix, yahoo

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