WebCast Multi Vidéo & OCR

WebCast Multi Vidéo & OCR


Job Description


In case of interest we will contact you in order to make a detailed quote based on a statement of work that we will provide you. Budget to define.

The project at hand requires a dev. capable of implementing the following technical aspects:

· Web Application

· Multi-Video Sources “Live” Streaming and Playback. ( Two synchronized sources, e.g. a speaker & his PowerPoint presentation video source )

· Video Keyword Finder (OCR = Optical Character Recognition )

· Project Management System like "Zoho Project"

· Secure Online Payment System.

The project can be summarized as such:

The purpose of the platform is to allow content creators to provide their clients with a way to distribute high-quality double-videos and presentations (or other kinds of content benefiting from such format) to viewers.

· Each view, or Credit, has to be paid through credit-card by either the creator, the viewer or a third party.

· Two videos or recordable live feeds are synchronized and joined in a “Package” which can have attached files and documents.

· “Packages” have to be added to a “Project” which can be made public or only available to a selected list of viewers by assigning credits. Projects can also have attachments.

· Videos, Packages and Projects can be "shared" with various rights to other users. (for collaborative projects, sponsors or "trustee" workers for example)

· Videos (even through "live" feed) are passed through an OCR which allows viewers to search through the displayed content.

· The player allows the viewer to change viewing options (one video within the other or only 1 feed, switch the feeds, go full-screen, change the quality)

· A "time-line" allows for visually searching a point of the video through snapshots.

· An extensive administration interface allows the site's admins to access logs and manage every user-uploaded content.

· Admins can create and edit User groups with rights ranging from posting comments to sharing or adding and editing content to assigning credits or editing Projects properties.

· Credit pricing packages can be created and edited.
Can your company guarantee the delivery of a project with these functionalities?

If so, within which time and price scales ? What kind of working methodology do you prefer?
Contract based on a statement of work that you redact based on the one we provide you with?
Payment on delivery?

We are looking forward for your take on these aspects and questions as well as a very rough (non-contractual) time/price estimate.
Thank you in advance for taking this project into consideration.
With our best regards,

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