WebSite Design From Ready Template

WebSite Design From Ready Template


Job Description


I need to get a Website Designed for my Company, I will Buy a Flash Template from webmonster and will send it to you. You have to Modify the Template as per my Company Information and some pictures.
In Total There would be 5-7 Pages
1. Home Page - Complete Flash home page. With the use of Pictures we need to convey what we do and Give links to other pages within our Website.
2. About us
3. Services
4. Building Materials
5. People
6. Contact us

Other than home Page, There would be inside Pages. The Matter is not much, we need to integrate the Text and the Pictures for the inside pages.

Deliverable -
1. The Contractor will have to adapt the Template Design as per our company information and change the Text and pictures. I will provide the Text and the Raw images. Some Images might have to be Tweaked as per the Website format.
2. You will have to upload the Website on the Server, I will provide the Webmaster details of the Host.
3. Need to embedd Google Analytics code for tracking.
4. Test and Go Live

Time Duration Approx. 10-15 days. Please note that I already have a Windows Server Hosting Space on HostGator.