WebSite Editor Skilled in CS6 Dreamweaver & Photoshop

WebSite Editor Skilled in CS6 Dreamweaver & Photoshop


Job Description

A Luxury Yacht Charter Company is undertaking a major overhaul & expansion of its website with a focus on capturing a significant increase in traffic from organic search.

We initially want to hire an experienced, productive individual who will focus his/her efforts on performing work on existing and new web pages. The site was designed on Macs primarily using Dreamweaver and Photoshop and you must be proficient and productive in both.

All current pages of the site are currently under review and many will be either edited or rewritten in order to incorporate the effective use of Keyword phrases and SEO practices. Many new pages are planned to be added over the next few months.

Most of the copy writing and editing will be done by others; therefore a facility with word usage is helpful but is not what we are looking for as a primary qualification from an applicant.

The work will involve:

1. Reformatting of certain pages using existing navigation templates.
2. Designing new formats for certain new page groups using existing templates,
3. Editing copy and images on some of the site's existing pages including changes to titles, headings, body copy, links etc (new copy & images provided).
4. Editing new page copy and images including titles, headings, body copy, links etc. (copy & images provided).
5. Most current & new pages will have a number of pictures. Images may need to be resized and cropped in Photoshop. Image names, alt tags etc. will need to be edited.

If you are interested in learning more about us you can visit our site:

Most important is that an applicant be very proficient with Adobe CS6 apps, especially Dreamweaver & Photoshop, be very responsive and productive.

For those interested in bidding on this project, we request that you visit the links to the listed pages in our website to get a general feel for the types of typical pages we will want edited or added to the site.

Thereafter, please submit the following to us in your proposal:

1. A "Cost per Page" for doing edits (as further described in #3 above) on existing pages

2. A "Cost per Page" for entering new copy/images on new pages;

3. The cost for completing the first 25 pages of edits.

As a first "trial" step in establishing this relationship, we are planning on this initial project be limited to no more than 25 pages of work. Once a good relationship is established, much more work could result.

We request that you also submit a quote of your hourly rate for work in general.

For the applicant who is motivated and a good fit for our needs, this could turn into a long term mutually beneficial opportunity.

Here are some typical pages to visit & quote on:

Thank You