Website Design & Development Manager

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Job Description

We are a website development agency with website development, management , and maintenance services for clients in California, we are looking for a permanent website development manager for full time position. You will be doing some hands on work on the sites but will need to be able to recruit and manage team members to get things done.

what we do:
-build websites using templates
-design custom sites
-magento, wordpress

required skills & experience:
-used themes from themeforest before
-good sense of design
-knowledge of wordpress
-basic knowledge of magento
-strong html/css knowledge
-multitasking management skills
-strong communications
-work fast, get things done

what to expect:
-must be available daily
-some skills in working on the sites will be necessary but as manager you will be able to hire as needed for client projects or maintenance.
-must be able to effectively recruit people on odesk

Please reply "blue" to confirm you have read this job post, also you can answer the following questions:


1. What is your background in managing, developing, or maintaining websites?

2. In a short description sentence, what is a responsive html website?

3. What times are you online usually ( in your time zone )?

4. Have you recruited/hired people on odesk before?

5. Have you ever used themes from themeforest? whats a short code?

6. What makes a good website? (short answer)


Thank you for your interest in this position

Skills: management, design

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